you'll find plenty of books on the of business studies in the library


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You'll find plenty of books on the ____ of business studies in the library.

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My dad said that I'd better spend more time on my ____.

I don't really ____ the point of taking the exam when you are not ready for it.

Mrs Dawson said that we are ____ our lesson in the library next Monday.

Yesterday, we had a discussion ____ different cultures.

Belinda missed a few months of school because of illness and found it difficult vĩ đại keep ____ with her classmates.

I did six hours of ____ for the test, but I still failed.

Australians and New Zealanders often have a/an ____ year before going vĩ đại college or after finishing high school vĩ đại travel overseas independently.

Some students only cram for tests when there is little time left, sánh their results are not satisfactory.


prepare in a short period

My application for the scholarship has been turned down because the transcript of marks is not satisfactory enough.

Students also have the opportunity vĩ đại choose from a wide range of optional courses in the university.

Well, Mrs Baker, you'll be pleased vĩ đại hear that George has made a dramatic improvement in geography.

I ____ English for five years. I study it at school.

You look upset. ____ you ____?

I ____ for my math textbook all day, but I ____ it yet.


have been looking/haven't found


have looked/haven't found


have looked/haven't been finding

Kevin ____ his homework, but he ____ it yet.


has been doing/hasn't been finishing


has done/hasn't finished


has been doing/hasn't finished


has done/hasn't been finishing

I ____ the biography of Robbie Williams, but I'm on page 50.

I ____ the latest Harry Potter book all day. I'm dying vĩ đại know what happens in the end!

We ____ our classroom for the upcoming Teachers' Day, but there's still a lot vĩ đại tự.

My brother graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology last month and ____ for a job since then.

All the students ____ for their academic transcripts all this week, but they ____ them yet.


have waited/haven't received


have been waiting/haven't received


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have waited/haven't been receiving


have been waiting/haven't been receiving