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Tplinkwifi Login mặc định Username and password

You supposed to lớn trying to lớn configure using URL and redirecting to lớn a trang web if your TP-link router, extender device not configured or connect to lớn your computer. Tplinkwifi used to lớn access TP-link device from the browser if you don’t know the IP address. If you trying to lớn access your TPLink wireless device using this URL or IP address and unable to lớn access the login page then you should read this article to lớn fix tplinkwifi login issue.

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You can access all the latest TP-link Wireless routers, Range extenders, and other devices using tpinkwifi,net URL as well as IP address. Default IP address for each type of network device may different so sánh you can find login detail printed to lớn TPlink router sticker as well as a user guide included with the box. There are few steps to lớn consider while trying to lớn log in router with tplinkwifi. net or IP address to lớn avoid any login errors.

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Steps to lớn Access device with TPLinkwifi

To access the router either using URL or login IP address both required login username and password to lớn access settings and before that, you have connected the computer, mobile device to lớn device.

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TP-Link Default Login URL –,

Default IP address-

Default Username   and password-  admin/admin,  admin/password, admin/1234

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Connection and Login TP-Link Router

You can use either wired or wireless connection with tplinkwifi router depends on the router tư vấn wired-only or wireless also.

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  • Connect your TPlinkwifi router using wireless if tư vấn WIFI from computer or mobile device.
  • To use wired connection use LAN port from TPLink router LAN port to lớn PC LAN port.
  • Make sure your computer LAN IP settings in DHCP mode.
  • Open trang web browser and access or or depend on the models and press enter key to lớn open the login page.
  • tplinkwifi net
  • You will get tplink login page asking for a username or password. You can kiểm tra the mặc định username and password printed to lớn devise sticker and Quick guide included with the box.
  • After login into the device, you can configure mạng internet settings, Wireless name, and password settings change password, and enable Mac access list as well as other security features.

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Troubleshooting TPLink Login

If you unable to lớn access and login TP-Link router using an IP address or not working for your TP-Link device then you must follow some steps to lớn fix tplinklogin problems.

  • If using a wired connection make sure you are connected to lớn a router LAN port instead of WAN.
  • For Wireless connection confirm your máy tính or mobile device connected to lớn the same device you want to lớn access settings.
  • If Tplink IP ping but not access then make sure you are typing tplink URL in Proper format.
  • User instead of using the wrong format such as www tplinkwifi net, http //, http;//, htt://
  • Make sure your computer firewall, Antivirus or any other tools not blocking URLs to lớn access from a browser.
  • If you still facing an issue you can Manage with TP-Link Tether apps that freely available on the Apple store and play store.

TP-Link TL-WR840N Range Extender mode configuration

Final word

Login and setup TP-Link router using URL and IP address both way is a simple method but managing from a mobile phone is faster using TPlink Tether apps to lớn monitor and manage all tp liên kết wifi and non-wifi device in simple apps without connecting any wired.


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