hack ff ob34 auto headshot apk

If you are looking for something unique in the gaming market, you should kiểm tra out this ứng dụng. This ứng dụng allows you lớn play games against your friends. Get ready for a whole new kind of free-fire game! If you lượt thích shooting games, the Free Fire tự động headshot will keep you entertained for a long time. Free Fire is a multiplayer game and is now getting more popular day by day. Gamers will really be amazed by such applications’ newest features, and they can access all the amazing features without spending a dime. 

What is Free Fire Auto Headshot?

Free Fire tự động headshot is one of the best Android games out there. This Free Fire tự động headshot is the ultimate in realistic shooting action. You control the fire rate and rate of fire, the firing mode, and the trigger response with precision. It will unlock the latest features of the game lớn entertain you.

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From the amazing graphics lớn the realistic physics, this is a shooter that will blow your mind. Players put forth a lot of effort lớn obtain the most recent skins and aimbots because they are aware that doing so sánh is not easy. So, if you want lớn enjoy its new features, then tải về it and enjoy. It is similar lớn the Free Fire Auto Headshot Config File, but this one is an Android ứng dụng that will work with no hurdles.

Key Features:

The new Free Fire tự động headshot, the next generation of the popular tự động headshot, has a range of improvements lớn make it even more fun. For starters, the new model features a new, faster trigger pull. This means players can fire more bullets in more rapid succession. And that means the player can control his shots more precisely.

Auto headshot

So the first and foremost feature of this ứng dụng is an tự động headshot within your Garena free-fire gameplay. However, this is perfectly working in the new ob36 update of Garena Free Fire as well.

Med-kit running

The med-kit allows you lớn get up if you’re knocked down and make your way towards the next checkpoint. A perfect feature for any FPS. 

Fake username

The new Free Fire tự động headshot features a kém chất lượng username. This is cool because you can use it as an added level of anonymity.


It means you can destroy all of your opponent’s walls. Even when they aren’t looking. If they see you destroying their wall, they will also destroy yours. 


So it can kill enemies while in first-person mode or second-person mode. The weapon has infinite ammo, and you don’t need lớn reload.

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When you enter a room where another player has already teleported, you can’t teleport in. You must wait for him lớn leave first.


With the Free Fire tự động headshot, you’ll feel lượt thích you’re playing a real game. You can customize your weapons.

Rapid firing

With the Free Fire tự động headshot, you’ll be able lớn fire up lớn 60 bullets in less than vãn 3 seconds. Even if your opponent has a fully charged gun.

HD mod

It adds a lot of features, including a fast-refresh rate, which lets you see the results of your shots instantly. 


It unlocks many of the ESP features of the game, lượt thích Esp. name, Esp and Esp. Line, etc. This offers you several features.

Latest skin

The new skin gives you weapons, new uniforms, new sounds, and new game modes!

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This one allows you lớn aim and shoot in any direction while moving forward or backward.

Drone view

It’s a fantastic feature, which should be added lớn all of the tự động headshots: Dangerous’ future versions. The Garena thực đơn now offers a variety of options, including Reports clean and Reset Guest settings.


This game has a lot of features. With this free-fire, tự động headshot ứng dụng you will get direct hits lớn your opponents. It is really fun lớn play and very addictive. It has lots of new updates. You should definitely tải về the Free Fire tự động headshot APK and play it. So, go ahead, tải về it and enjoy it.