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There will come a time in your life when you will be given a Bonafide Certificate or when you will be asked đồ sộ produce it đồ sộ an institution or an agency.

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In that case, you’ll have đồ sộ go đồ sộ a well-known organization or corporation where you previously worked and ask for it.

This article will explain everything you need đồ sộ know about a Bonafide Certificate, including the format đồ sộ write an acceptable application letter if you need one.

But before you are given this certificate, you need đồ sộ have a fair idea of what you are requesting for, meet certain requirements, compatibilities, and this article would provide just that.

What is a Certificate?

A certificate is an official document of high reference, be it hardcopy or soft copy, that states the authenticity of an information.

A certificate is also the qualification one receives when he/she has completed an educational course. It is notable for various purposes such as job applications, seeking for visa, etc.

What is a Bonafide Certificate?

The word “Bonafide” is a Latin word that directly translates đồ sộ “in good faith,” which means that the individual bearing the certificate has zero intention đồ sộ deceive, trick, mislead, fool, or cheat anyone.

The certificate is confirmation that an individual was once involved with an organization, company, or institution, usually as a student or employee.

To be put in simple words, a Bonafide Certificate is a proof that someone was once associated with a particular institution, organization, or company.

Types of Bonafide Certificate

There are Bonafide Certificates for students used;

  • To avail of travel concessions.
  • For application for educational loans from one’s school or a ngân hàng.
  • To attend a seminar and workshops at other academic institutions.
  • To visit an industry for project work.
  • For passport application and visa extension.
  • To join a public library.

There is also a certificate for employees that helps;

  • To open a ngân hàng trương mục.
  • To avail of a ngân hàng loan.
  • In attendance of a conference or an official seminar.

Uses of Bonafide Certificate Letter

A letter of such importance has different uses.

  • To show proof of association if the need arises.
  • Needed for several purposes such as visa application, foreign college application, new job application
  • For students, the certificate includes important details lượt thích the name of the college or university, class, and student rank.
  • For employees, the certificate includes details such as the organization’s name, department of work, and position held.

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Validity of a Bonafide Certificate

It is usually valid for three (3) months. It comes on the organization’s letterhead with a duty signature and official seal.

Bonafide Certificate Application

Just as institutes and colleges differ, they happen đồ sộ have their mode or format of writing an application khuông for obtaining a Bonafide certificate.

Quite a number of institutions even have online application forms. With this platform, the interested students can register themselves via their identification or roll number and then make their request for a Bonafide Certificate.

Other times offline, the students will need đồ sộ visit the Office of Administration đồ sộ acquire the necessary khuông and then proceed đồ sộ apply for the certificate.

Suppose, there is no prescribed format for the Application khuông for the Bonafide Certificate, the individual will write a letter requesting their Bonafide Certificate and specify what information they want on their certificate if there is an opportunity for it.

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For the online application khuông, the majority of the websites provide options on what information the student would lượt thích đồ sộ have on their certificate; these may include;

  • Name.
  • Section
  • Branch
  • Class
  • Number of students, etc.

On some occasions, colleges, institutions, and organizations will require the students or employees đồ sộ pay a fee đồ sộ receive their Certificates.

If such a case arises, after putting down the required information, the applicant will have đồ sộ pay the amount he/she will be told đồ sộ acquire the certificate.

Purpose of Certificate

  • Useful while applying for a voter ID thẻ.
  • It is useful for application for a pan thẻ.
  • If you want đồ sộ apply for a passport, the Bonafide Certificate will be required.
  • The certificate is required when a separate student visa is issued đồ sộ a student already studying abroad.
  • For an application for students scholarships.
  • To take a loan from a ngân hàng.
  • To attend a conference, seminar, or any similar sự kiện, students or employees might be required đồ sộ present this certificate.
  • It can used đồ sộ obtain the pass for public transport agencies lượt thích metros, thành phố buses, and local trains.

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Sample of Application Letter

At this point, it should be obvious đồ sộ you that đồ sộ get a Bonafide Certificate from your school or work; you need đồ sộ write an application đồ sộ them.

Below is a format for a student applying for a Bonafide Certificate.

The Principal
(Insert the name of school)
(Insert thành phố the school is located)
(Insert date)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a student of (Insert your class, e.g, 10th Grade) in this respected citadel of learning, with a registration number (Insert registration number). Kindly be informed that I intend đồ sộ apply for the US Scholarship Program and need a Bonafide Certificate.

I respectfully request that you issue a Bonafide certificate as soon as possible.

Thank you.
Yours Faithfully
(Insert your full name)

Application Format for Employees

This certificate should contain the liên hệ information of the person, their job profile, and the details of the employer. The essential documents you will need đồ sộ present for a Bonafide employee Certificate are as follows:

  • Copy of Employee ID card
  • Copy of Pay slip
  • Date of Birth Certificate (optional)


At this point, we must have already known the importance, purpose, and usefulness of a Bonafide Certification from institutions or organizations.

Wherever you may come from or want đồ sộ go đồ sộ, you might over up needing one for whatever reason may present itself, thereby making a Bonafide Certificate a very important document.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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